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Sketching Plants Online Session

If you had the chance to join us last Saturday for our 3rd online sketching session then – THANK YOU – we are now up 14 of us! And there are a few more people waiting in the wings – hoping they can join us next week…

It was a real work out – lots of sketching and some incredible work produced, working with sticks and twigs; inks and natural colours including soya sauce, turmeric and chocolate! We looked at the wondrous shapes of the plants (some of you in the garden and some in the home – poor Liz had to come in from the garden as her iPad got too hot! We drew vegetables too – hoping Karen will send her cabbage sketches in!

We looked at negative shapes, natural organic lines and patterns; those incredible natural patterns that plants create.
We worked very quickly and used lots of continuous line and worked quick and slowly rhythms to work on the sketches, we touched the plants and got right underneath them and looked at them from all angles and rotated the paper too, creating patterns; duplicating the natural patterns that had been grown and formed.

Here are some examples that have been sent in so far…

Here are some examples how you can take your sketches further using colour…

Look at these artists; Georgia O’Keefe, Frank Brangwyn and Henri Rousseau and others for inspiration to work up some of your plant sketches with full colour…

and talking of colour our next week sketching session is ‘my most precious possessions…’ working in rich full colour…

If you are interested in joining us then please check out our Lockdown online session page it give you more details on what we are doing or email us we look forward from hearing from you!


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