About Us

Gwendraeth Arts Lab is a community arts group based in East Carmarthenshire, Wales.

We work together to develop and manage arts  events, workshops and community projects.

We are interested in: 

Open expermentation – mark-making, different arts media.

Connecting to each other and our environment and heritage.

Our projects have included:

  • Sketchbook walks in Kidwelly, Burry Port and the Gwendraeth Valley.
  • On-line drawing sessions (via Zoom) through lockdown
  • Heritage sketchbook walks in Kidwelly, and a community mural at the Kidwelly Industrial Museum
  • Community print-making workshops

Our aim is to be totally inclusive. We engage with community groups and individuals from all backgrounds and abilities. All levels of creative ability are truly valued and everyone is welcome from complete novice to professional artist.

We recognise that there is structural discrimination in our society and in our organisations. We try to be aware of prejudice at all times, and we actively seek to avoid contributing to structures of discrimination and to break down barriers rather than making them.

We are a collective of artists Roz Moreton, Sian Barlow and Lindsey Witcombe who came together through the work of Lindsey at Lady Street Gallery, Kidwelly.  We have are proud to have worked with Ray Hobbs, Suzie Ross, and Lucy Donald.

Want to JOIN US? 

Email: gwendraethartslab@gmail.com

People say:

This feels good, It proves to us that we can all create whatever our previous  experience. I feel much better for this class.

Just want to say thank you for all your support and encouragement during these lockdown times. 

These workshops are a fantastic community resource, I’m so grateful to the Arts Lab group for their warm welcome, their generosity in including a stranger in their midst and making me feel so welcome. We are living in strange, and often difficult times.

It is good to be reminded of what creativity, community, a collective artistic effort can achieve, in terms of sustenance for souls, confidence building in the future and personal development.

It’s so truly creative, it’s life -affirming and joyful to use colour, texture, marks for conveying not just things as they are, but convey pleasure, fun, mood.

It is obvious that Gwendraeth Arts Lab has provided a vital link for many in the local community who would have otherwise had much less social interaction and colour in their lives. Please carry on the great work, we are supporting you in spirit.

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