Mapping the Gwendraeth… Online session

For our online session for Saturday 27th June 2020 we are going to look at mapping…

This is going to be mapping using our imagination. Before you come to the session, try to get ready by thinking about and imagining one or more regular journeys that you have been able to take, or it could be favourite journeys that you have been unable to take while we have been in lockdown during the pandemic. This could be even very short journeys like to the post box or to the bottom of the garden, or it could be much longer or more adventurous, like going to see a person who you’ve missed, or a place where you love to go but can’t visit right now.

First we will do some lovely mark making exercises using 2B-6B pencils or charcoal pencils or graphite pencils and crayons – pencil/conte/wax and pastels. These can be done in a sketchbook.

If we have time it will be lovely to introduce some watercolour to the project.

Then we will go into the Mapping session.

You will also need to have some really large pieces of paper. A suggestion is to get a cheap roll of lining paper.

Artists to look at are Miro and Kandinsky

To get an understanding of what this week’s session is about please take a look at this short video – this wonderful work of Artist Marega Palser and Maria Hayes which is our inspiration for this week’s session.

Maria Hayes Marega Palser - Mapping Video


Session: Mapping the Gwendraeth… Online session

When: Saturday 27th June 2020

Time: 10:45am – 12:30 noon This time we are going for an extra 1/2 hour!!
Starting at 11:00am prompt

Location: From the comfort of your own home through Zoom ( Zoom – not used it before then you will have to sign up it FREE)