Online Sketching Session – ‘My most precious prossessions…’

Welcome to our online sketchbook sessions again in the comfort of your own home…

When: Saturday 23rd May 2020

Time: 11:00am – 12:00 noon
(*NB* you can log on at 10:45 just to get your self set-up and to ask any questions)

Location: From the comfort of your own home through Zoom ( Zoom – not used it before then you will have to sign up – We will send through the log in details on the Friday)

Session: ‘My most precious prossessions…’

So what we want you to do is to collect 2 or more items that means a great deal to you, these are things that are really precious to you, they hold memories, family heir looms, just very special things that you have in your life… (so if there was a fire in your house they would be the second thing you would think to grab… 1st would be you! and the dog, cat or any other furry or non furry pet!!).

We want you to use COLOUR for this session and lots of it, BE BOLD! – we would like you to use felt tips to sketch in, big marker pens, highlighters, sharpies.
Then to work in paints if you can, bright colours, acrylics, or watercolours (tubes) inks – brushes – THINK BIG AND BOLD !!

Papers – Thick – watercolour paper – lining paper – wallpaper…

CARD – Amazon packaging – Cornflake boxes…

IDEAS – We have put together a couple of examples – these are from Roz

My most precious prossessions are my grandmothers chaise… I have draped my 1930’s wedding dress which I wore last year to get married to Ray (first time – at the age of 54!)  I bought it from Ashams Antiques in Welshpool, a wonderful shops which holds many happy memories, laying on top of it is my mothers prayer book, which was in a real state and this Christmas Ray kindly got is repaired.
I have a letter from my mum sent to me when at my first week at Bristol Poly when I was doing my Textile and Fashion Degree, I read it often and it is pinned to my wall – such wise and grounding words that always put me right…
I have my mum and dads weddings rings and a ring my godfather made for mum then she gave to me and a couple of other rings that I always wear together and my star pins that are from the hospice that my mum was at, they also gave me a star for my dad, again I wear these often.
I have the three birds from my other grandmother polished to death so there are so dull but I love them – they bring back childhood memories every time I feel them on the wall.
There’s my Georgia O’Keefe postcard that Lindsey gave me a few years back that sits in the bathroom that I look at daily – that I just love.
And finally my Japanese scented pouches that hang over my bedhead they are about 10 years old and they still have a faint scent and every time I smell them they take me back to Japan – to wondrous place and incredible people and culture…

Here is another example

My dog Basil (who died last year) – he meant the world to me this is his coat (which lays under my pillow) and his collars plus our family heir loom which is a brass dog collar.

So they can be a selection of anything and mean anything to you…

Send us your ideas and we can help with setting up with colour backgrounds – remember contrast colours… look up the colour wheel…

We look forward to seeing you all on Saturday 23rd May at 10:45am.

Any questions just email us at

Take care and be safe

Roz, Sian and Lindsey