Sketching ‘Our Own Rock Pool’ Online session

For our online session this Saturday 8th August 2020 we are going to create our own Rock Pool still Life and experiment in capturing images of the pool using watercolour paint.

This is a continuation of the Beach, Sea Sand session, but also a stand-a-lone session.

What you will need is the following to create the still life:

  • Glass bowl or very clear plastic bowl you can also go small with a glass
  • Selection of Stones from the garden/beach/quarry/
  • Sliver Foil
  • Mirror
  • Water

Watch the video to see what you have to do.

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Materials you will require:

  • Watercolours
  • If you don’t have watercolours – Gouache
  • Paint brushes – fine and flat brushes if you have them
  • Use watercolour paper if not then you can use lining paper (you can get this from B&Q or any hardware store)
  • Sticks – (BBQ sticks)
  • Masking tape or any tape to tape the stick to the paint brush – please see below for details)

Session Details: ‘Our own rock pool’ Online session

  • We will do a warm up
  • Then into a series of exercises using watercolours and brush stokes
    • creating delicious and adventurous marks
    • using both hands
    • continuous line
    • blind
    • light and heavy brush strokes
  • Then into a series of longer sessions looking at the still life
    • creating marks with watercolour using the paint brushes extended on sticks
  • Then into a longer watercolour sketch
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When: Saturday 8th August 2020

Time: 10:45am – 12:30 noon This time we are going for an extra 1/2 hour!!
Starting at 11:00am prompt

Location: From the comfort of your own home through Zoom ( Zoom – not used it before then you will have to sign up it FREE)

Interested – Please email us at to sign up for the sessions