‘Thunderstorms’ – Online Sketchbook Session

For our online session this Saturday 5th September 2020 we are going to experiment visualising ‘Thunderstorms’ we thought we should do this theme as we have been experiencing so many of these natural extreme weather patterns…

For this session we will be watching videos that capture Thunderstorms on Youtube, here are a couple of examples:

Materials required

  • Heavy Duty Paper/Watercolour Paper/Lining Paper
  • Oil Pastels
  • Wax Crayons
  • Inks – Indian and Chinese – Black & Coloured if your have them
  • Pencils – HB – B – 2B – 3B – 4B – 5B – 6B
  • Graphic Pencils if you have them
  • Additional – Candle – Spoon – Ball Point Pen
  • Brushes/sticks for Inks


Artists: Malcolm Ashman Emil Nolde and other selection found at ArtUK

Session Details:

  • We will do a warm up – getting the body moving, hands, shoulders and neck relaxed

We will talk about the above artists about their techniques and how it will influence the work it will create in our session

We will also be listening to sounds on Spotify – natural weather sounds – helping us create energy in our images

  • Then into a series of drawing exercises using pencils/oil pastels/inks
    • creating delicious and adventurous marks
    • using both hands
    • continuous line
    • blind
    • light and heavy marks
  • Then into a series of longer sessions using oil pastels/inks/wax crayons
    • creating marks listening to the music and watching the videos
  • Then into a longer sketch using either or all oil pastels/inks/wax crayons

When: Saturday 5th September 2020

Time: 10:45am – 12:30 noon This time we are going for an extra 1/2 hour!!
Starting at 11:00am prompt

Location: From the comfort of your own home through Zoom ( Zoom – not used it before then you will have to sign up it FREE)

Interested – Please email us at gwendraethartslab@gmail.com to sign up for the sessions